Denunzio’s Disastor Restoration

In 2015 the DeNunzio home had a major disaster when no one was home. In the middle of a very cold winter they lost power for several days. It was so cold multiple pipes burst and entirely flooded the first floor and basement. The water ran for several days until the power came on and the flood alarm alerted the security company. By the time someone was able to respond it was too late. The house was devastated.

The DeNunzios called Hunter’s Contracting to put their house back together. It was a huge undertaking but as you can see by the pictures below Hunter’s team was up to the challenge and restored the home to its former beauty.

“I first met Hunter when we had extensive water damage to our home. He quickly and successfully took on the project for the repairs and navigating the somewhat complicated process with the insurance company. His subcontractors are very capable and dependable. It is quite evident that there is a mutual respect between Hunter and his sub contractors.
Since then, Hunter has taken on the challenge of redoing my thirty year old master bathroom and walk-in closet. He has been accommodating to my time schedule along with my wishes and ideas for a totally new bathroom and closet.”

The DeNunzios
  • House front
  • View from foyer
  • Great room
  • Great room
  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Basement bathroom
  • Basement shower
  • Master bedroom
  • Master bath
  • Guest bedroom
  • Guest bedroom
  • Guest room
  • Pool
  • Pool